Real Estate Agents - 5 Essential Tools For a Successful Home Buyer Experience

19 Jan

Are you a first time home buyer? Are you interested in saving money on your home purchase? If so, read on to learn about how to save cash on your new home! Here are your "must have" home buying items, in order to help you get started on your home buying journey in the right direction!
Down Payment: The amount of money you need to purchase a house is known as your down payment. Here are your top three choices for down payments: First time home buyers, FHA, VA, or conventional loan. Your down payment will also depend upon the kind of mortgage you decide on and the bank you use. Some standard loans aimed at first time home buyers with good credit enable as little as 3%, sometimes as little as zero%. For more information on affordable down payments, check out the American Association of Mortgage Lenders website.

Emergency Fund: An emergency fund is money that you have set aside for unforeseen problems. An example might be a car that needs a new transmission or a broken air conditioner. First time home buyers are encouraged to set aside money for things like these emergencies by either putting the money into a savings account or investing it in a certificate of deposit (CD) or a mutual fund. Other ways to put emergency funds into your home are through credit cards, paycheck loans, payday loans, and home equity loans. If you are dealing with high interest rates, you may want to consult with a debt counselor to find out which options best suit your needs. Contact Dayton house buyers to sell your property for all cash.

Real Estate Agent: A real estate agent is someone who actively searches for houses to sell, along with helping potential buyers with their financing needs. Realtors have an in depth knowledge of what the housing market is like along with the competition. They also can help potential buyers understand all of the details of a house, such as the financing options available to them, and can help them determine which neighborhoods are suitable for first time home buyers. Real estate agents are typically associated with lending institutions, such as banks and credit unions, but can also be found online.

Getty Images: When potential buyers go to a home inspection, Getty images are taken of the property. These images are made by a company called snap-on-find, which uses high tech equipment to take photographs of every visible part of a house. These pictures are then offered to buyers at inspection time. Potential buyers may want to view the photos before getting in front of a real estate agent so they can get an idea of what they will see when they are walking through the house. The internet has a number of free Getty images that you can view. Learn how to sell my property as is without making repairs on this page.

Carpet: In addition to the Getty images mentioned above, carpet is also a major concern for potential home buyers. Many home buyers are concerned about the condition of the carpeting in a house. Most lenders require that carpet is vacuumed, cleaned regularly, and resealed if it has been damaged from years of use. Before a buyer purchases a home, he or she should ask the seller to show them the current carpet condition.

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